Worldpartners is sending generators to ukraine


In Western Ukraine, the electricity supply is often an unstable factor due to the Russian attacks. Worldpartners receives many requests for small and large aggregates, which is why the foundation sends aggregates to Ukraine. They can’t do that alone. Help is desperately needed. Hence the call for, preferably large, aggregates.

It is no news that Russia wants to inflict as much economic damage on Ukraine as possible. In addition to buildings and roads, the infrastructure of gas, water, telecom and current elektra frequently attacked. The nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia has also shut down. Project leader Jort: “Hospitals, water stations, emergency shelters and entire villages or city districts are regularly without power. And without electricity, no running water (the pipes freeze in the worst case), no operations, no heat or ventilation. That is why we are helping and looking for even more sponsors for generators.”

He continues: “We look for as many suitable generators as possible and use them where they are most needed. We keep a list of strategic locations where there are regular power outages and where generators are most needed. Information is then collected about the size of the generator, what power capacity is needed and how many people it has helped.”

“They desperately need more winter uniforms, power generators, heat, and of course tents and other things to help them get through the winter,” said NATO President Jens Stoltenberg on January 26, 2023.

Method:At the moment, fifteen generators have already been sent (from 8 kVA to 265 kVA for a hospital) and the requests continue to come in. That is why we aim to deliver even more large aggregates this winter. For example for the water station of the city of Kherson, and a hospital in Kharkiv. Heat and water are necessary will you help?

Since the war began, Worldpartners, in collaboration with four Dutch partners and four implementing Ukrainian partners, has provided more than 38,000 Ukrainian households with food parcels and seeds and propagating materials in the recaptured areas. Currently 1200 front families are provided with a stove, emergency repairs to the house and winter food aid.

Will you help? Do you have people in your network who are in this business? We would like to get in touch with them. Contact us at or at the telephone number: +31 (0)317 317 765