Update food aid Ukraine: World Partners still reaches difficult locations


The war has left a catastrophic impact on food distribution causing major shortages in cities such as Mariupol. Subsequently, the World Partners Foundation, with various partner organizations have been supplying large quantities of food these difficult-to-reach cities for the past three weeks.

Because of Worldpartners Foundation longstanding relationships with various types of suppliers, we were able to quickly set up food aid and continue to do so. Food aid is organized from various farms in western Ukraine and then transported closer to the besieged cities to be more fully prepared with our local partners and distributed. For example, flour is sent to distribution points near the besieged cities, where bread is baked. From there, they transport the bread into the cities, for example to Chernigiv, north of Kyiv and close to the Russian positions, Kharkiv and Mariupol.

Bread to Mariupol
The delivery of bread to Mariupol is special, because very few organizations manage to deliver food there. We transported flour to Dnipro, baked bread there and transported it to Mariupol in small vans. As soon as the ‘corridor’ was open, 30 vans entered Mariupol. On the way back, evacuees could be taken with them. Given the many roadblocks, checkpoints and the continuous threat of shelling, our volunteers risk of their own lives to accomplish this transportation.

Food for refugees
As many people continue to flee Ukraine, World Partners distributes food at the Moldovia border. We purchase the supplies for this locally and the meals are distributed by our local partner organizations.

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