Ukrainian Lyudmyla found hope in the church


Since the beginning of the war, Lyudmyla hoped she could stay in her home town Kramatorsk. Unfortunately reality decided differently. She had to leave her town and her children fled abroad. Together with her neighbours she went to Kremenchuk. Since the 5th of april 2022, a jear ago, she lives in a dorm room, provided by the city of Kremenchuk.

Lyudmyla has to adjust to her new place

It takes some time to get used to her new place of residence. She was supposed to retire, but she reconciders that plan now. Lyudmyla is looking for a job, but she can’t find one. She wants to work because she needs food and better household items, such as crockery, kitchen utensils, bedding and medicines.


All this help and service showed her a part of who God is.

However, she has not lost all hope and she feels blessed with the help of the ministers of the Zavet church. She receives food packages and free meals. During distribution, she made new acquaintances that grew into friendships. Now she feels less alone. All this help and service showed her a part of who God is. That is why she started visiting church. She is gratefull for the spiritual support.


May you have the strength and ability to continue with this help.

Lyudmyla says: “The pastors’ simple care and words of support make me grateful. I feel seen and heard. The help through food is greatly needed, I thank everyone who organized this. May you have the opportunity and have the strength to keep doing this.”