Twelve ready to use prefab houses for Ukraine


The conflict persists, and millions of Ukrainians find themselves displaced from their homes. In response, Uniqa, a company of neighboring Moldova, has undertaken a project. They build homes that are subsequently transported to Ukraine’s Kirovohrad region.

At the beginning of April, a block of four compact, semi-detached, duplex homes had already been completed. These prefabricated houses were assembled over the preceding months at Uniqa’s facility near the Ukrainian border. Owner Anatol Malancea shares, “Through partnerships with the Dutch foundation Kerk in Actie and World Partners, we’ve managed to provide homes that accommodate 2-4 individuals each. Predominantly, women and their children will live in these residences. They enjoy a fully equipped 35 m² space featuring solar panels, separate bedrooms and living rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The homes are well insulated, and the wooden finishes are guaranteed to last at least 30 years.”

The process of setting up these homes is impressively swift, completed within three days.

Anatol further explains, “The transport to the site spans 400 kilometers and takes a day. Assembly follows on the second day, and the final day is for handing over the keys. We are currently preparing eight additional units in our factory, set to be installed by the end of May. The only requirement for installation is a foundation. We’ve also trained a number of Ukrainian employees to handle final assembly and foundation construction. Our collaboration is seamless and effective due to no language barriers.”

Food aid remains a vital part of the effort as well

The food bank, initiated after the Russian invasion, continues to operate robustly, serving between 10 to 50 meals daily. Additionally, ‘snack bags’ are provided to those crossing the border, packed with enough high-calorie food to last for two days. This assistance program is operated from the same warehouse where the prefab homes are constructed.

Here are some poignant statistics:

  • 14 million Ukrainians fled from their homes. (Feb 2, 2024)
  • 6.5 million people flee to and stay outside Ukraine. (Feb 2, 2024)
  • 3.7 people are IDPs, they are forced to live somewhere else in Ukraine. (Feb 2, 2024) source
  • 4.2 million people are sheltered in an EU country. (Nov. 2023)
  • 106,000 Ukrainians stay in the Netherlands (Nov. 2023) source
  • +147,800 private houses destroyed (June 2023)
  • +19,000 apartments destroyed (June 2023) source

The completed units consist of 11 apartments and one office space, serving as a demonstration of how robust construction methods can be rapidly deployed to aid Ukraine’s rebuilding efforts.

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