This work stays important and has to continue


Cokky de Visser retired in 2022. Since then, she spends her time for Ukraine. “When the war started, the Reformed diaconate of Kootwijk and Kootwijkerbroek wanted to start a work group. This suited me because I have no obligations during the day and want to be of service. Previously, I was involved with Charité for ten years, working for Belarus. So I gave my time to help wherever it was needed.”

The work group consists of two deacons and four church members. Together we take the lead and startted collecting goods when the war began. This is when a coworker told me about Worldpartners for the first time. I called them and sharedour plans to have the churches collect goods for Ukraine like blankets, sheets, toys and food. Now we collaborate. Their huge network is of great use for us. Their are close to the local inhabitants, know a lot of churches and oragnisations that assist them with the distribution.

A group picture during the ‘stamppottenbuffet’. The Ukraine work group together with pastor Valentin, his host and translator.

Meanwhile, we sent two transports to Ukraine. We brought blankets, toys, generators and bibles. Additionally, the deacon has donated a large sum for the winter aid. In spring we did a fertilizer action which raised 7000 euros.

We are in contact with a pastor in Kherson. There is a lot of work to do, after the collapse of the dam. 600 square meters are flooded, an environmental disaster. People sit on their rooftops and need help. From a distance we give financial support and prayer. We have 6 generators ready to be send over. They will arrive two weeks after the collapse.

“People sit on their rooftops and need help. From a distance we give financial support and prayer.”

When I look at our accomplishments, our effect seems small. A drop in the ocean. However, a drop much needed. This work is important and it has to continue. In the winter I realy felt for the people when it was so cold outside. There is a lot of aid needed. Hunger, war violence, floodings. In the past a nuclear disaster.  In het verleden een kernramp. Massive assistance must go towards the millions of Ukrainians in need. Goods and money are badly needed there.

The situation continues to haunt me. Together with the work group, I will continue to look at possibilities to help from the Netherlands. Fortunately I don’t have to do it alone. There are people who bake cakes and prepare and sell stews. Young people share information on their social media channels to share the needs of our Ukrainian fellow human beings. Together we stand strong and pray for God’s blessing.

Cokky de Visser (1955) worked for Carecentre Oranjehof in Elspeet, the Netherlands, untill she retired. She managed the team for housing, care an wellbeing in Elspeet.