Relief Aid from Mykolayiv


When Russians soldiers entered the city of Kherson, Ukraine, Pastor Sacha, and many other Kherson residents had no choice but to flee to the city of Mykolayiv. Mykolayiv, about 50km as the crow flies from Kherson, is still dangerously close to where the Russians are still fiercely fighting.

Sacha who had to abandon his Kherson church building and Campus Bible School reports that just moments after they fled Russian soldiers invaded their Campus leaving the building and contents poorly damaged.

To meet the urgent need of refugees like Sacha, his congregation and community, World Partners established a distribution center in Mykolayiv to provide them with daily food.

Today, the Mykolayiv distribution center remains an important catalyst to send food and supplies back into Kherson, where Pastor Sacha maintains that many people still urgently need food and supplies.