Rehabilitants work in the greenhouse


In 2021 these 3 greenhouses were build in Bilychi, Ukraïne. With the help of EO Metterdaad heating fans, lighting and water tanks were installed in the greenhouses. In this way the yields can go up, especially in winter. Besides vegetables like cabbage and cucumbers, also flowers are grown. The greenhouses are managed by Olia and Vania, a couple taking care of 6 of their own and 6 adopted kids.

Rehabilitants work in the greenhouse

An insulation cover was added to the greenhouse to keep in the warmth.

At this moment, two rehabilitants work in the greenhouses. In this way the greenhouse supports the work of the church in Blahodatne. They take care of the rehab centre in the neighbourhood. This is very important, because alcohol and drugg abuse are an urgent problem in Ukraine, especially in the countryside. Addicts can enter the rehab proces voluntarily in one of these centres. In a Christian, addictionfree surrounding they will receive a daily structure and rehabsessions. 

When a rehabilitating person gets through the first phases, he will get more responsibility in the centre. They can live there and get the opportunity to start working again. For example in the greenhouse. In this way, the centres can be financially sustainable.