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This project builds upon the Dare 2 Care project in the Novovolynsk region in Western Ukraine. This region is poor and faces many problems related to alcohol and drug addiction. For the Dare 2 Care project, a number of small enterprises were constructed as financial support for a church and rehabilitation centers in the region in cooperation with EO Metterdaad.
The cooperation with EO Metterdaad continued with the Wallflower project, which focusses on improving two of the enterprises established during the Dare 2 Care project; a greenhouse in Bilychi and a stone processing workshop in Hryadi. The greenhouse was equipped with heating fans, lighting and water tanks. The stone processing workshop will be equipped with new mixers and molds to make production more efficient and diverse. Better equipment allows both enterprises to improve their revenues over time.
The newly equipped greenhouse allows a mother and father of 6 children and 6 orphans to provide for their family. This family will function as an example of entrepreneurship and hard work in the region. Additionally, the greenhouse is a source of income and daytime activity for a nearby rehabilitation center in Blahodatne. The improved stone processing workshop will allow the rehabilitation center in Hryadi to better financially support itself and take care of more rehabilitants in the future.

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