Pig farm

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This project is located in the Guria region in West-Georgia. The Baptist Church of Georgia represents many churches in this region. Besides missionary activities, these churches provide the most vulnerable people in Georgia with basic food, hygienic kits and medicine. Additionally, the church provides free tuition to local schoolchildren and manages a children’s home for orphans. In order to finance these social projects, the Baptist Church of Georgia operates several income generating activities.
This project was managed in cooperation with The Baptist Church of Georgia and Dutch foundation Kom Over En Help. For a local church in Guria, Worldpartners conducted an economic feasibility study for potential income generating activities. The project with the highest potential was the construction of a pig farm with an area for feed production and a single barn for reproduction and fattening of pigs. This farm was constructed in 2022.
The project provides the local church and a nearby children’s home with a steady and sustainable source of income. This allows them to expand their activities in the region, increasing their impact in the region and offering more help to people in need.

pigs produced each year

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