in Asia & Completed
Christians in this region of Asia are greatly persecuted for sharing the gospel. Along with this, vegetable production is difficult due to the harsh climatic conditions. Vegetables are imported from neighboring countries at high prices, reducing the availability of nutritious food for the average family or individual. Combined, these challenges produce the perfect opportunity for the business as mission framework since they represent spiritual hunger combined with a fulfillable need.
A small hydroponic greenhouse has been started that produces leafy greens. Several people have been employed and the greenhouse allows for a missionary family to build an effective ministry among the local community through working alongside those they minister to.
Mission work in the region has expanded, several people are employed, and fresh vegetables have become available during periods when they would otherwise be unavailable. The beauty of this project is that it has opened doors for missions to unreached people by fulfilling a human need while pointing to Christ and his infinite ability to fulfill all our needs, both physical and spiritual.

Christian presence in a region with severe persecution

Cultivation of strawberries, leafy greens, and fish