Fruit farm

in Asia & Ongoing
Local opposition makes mission activity challenging in this region. Therefore, we sought to start an enterprise which would create natural occasions for nationals to share in their communities. After some research, we found that there was growing interest in fruit farming in this region but supply was lacking. To fill this gap, we created a business to sell apples and fruit trees and help farmers set up their own orchards.
Several years back we started researching different fruit varieties at our farm. Testing imported and local varieties helped us select varieties that grow well in local conditions. Over the years we have increased our production to support local farmers with the best varieties as well as expanding our own farm.
Our orchard is making a healthy profit while also serving as a demonstration site. We have had a national impact through interest from news channels and visits by people from different regions. In 2019, over 60,000 fruit trees were produced, allowing us to establish 200+ hectares of orchards. Besides this, our local team is travelling throughout the country to plant trees while sharing their testimonies with the farmers. The local team consists of people from different faiths and backgrounds, which creates new connections and disrupts boundaries which can hinder sharing of the gospel.

fruit trees sold annually

orchards installed throughout the region


Orchard packages developed to help local start-ups