Essential oil products

in Africa & Ongoing
For this project we collaborated with two entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to build up women in their community and provide a business which delivers value while creating an occasion for personal connection and growth. This business centers around relationships as women host gatherings in their homes to represent and sell the essential oil products. Women who become sales representatives for the essential oils products are trained to engage with those they welcome into their home, not simply to sell a product, but to connect at a deeper, more personal level. Through selling these products, they are able to earn an income while ministering to the other women in their community.
The company has a reliable source of pure essential oils, which are used in several healthcare and cosmetic products. They create and package soaps, skin care products, masks, creams, and skin oils. These products are sold by women in private gatherings, a network of meetings which is key within this business model as it provides an opening for the gospel to be shared in homes to those who would otherwise be difficult to reach due to social constraints.

Worldpartners supports this business by investment and by giving technical business advice. The business has expanded and will soon open a shop to display and sell products directly to customers.

The impact of this business is two-fold: first, there are great opportunities for ministry in these small gatherings which are not only business meetings but create an occasion for deep, spiritual conversations and personal stories. Second, the business focuses on empowering women as they are trained in business and sales skills and earn an income.

This business empowers women by providing an opportunity for part-time work and a supplementary income, while encouraging the women who sell these beauty and hygiene products to minister to one another and build up their community through trusting relationships and fellowship.