Dare 2 Care

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Alcohol and drug abuse are significant issues in Ukraine. In addition, many Ukrainians live on low-income levels and struggle to get through the though winters. Addiction is a structural and cultural problem in Ukraine, starting from young age. With addicted parents, especially children are victims who often become perpetrators if this circle is not broken. Since 2002, Worldpartners has worked together with the local Kovchek (‘Ark’) to set up various activities in the region around Novovolynsk to aid the least fortunate in the North-West of Ukraine. Together with local involved entrepreneurs, several rehabilitation centres, winter aid, meal projects and an orphanage have been set up.
This project was managed in cooporation with the Kovcheck church and Dutch foundations EO Metterdaad and Believe in Olesk. Three businesses were established as a source of income for three rehabilitation centres in the region near Novovolynsk. After a economic feasibility assessment, a woodworking workshop in Olesk, a stone factory in Hryadi and a greenhouse in Bilychi were constructed and equipped. Additionally, a church building and multifunctional center were constructed in the small village of Olesk. Lastly, Love Up relationship training was given to families affected by addiction in the region.
The main aim of the Dare 2 Care project was to help the church and rehab centres cover their overhead costs and support their social activities by setting up sustainable sources of income. Over 15 rehabilitants are currently working in one of the businesses as a useful, informative daytime activity, while simultaneously helping finance their recovery process. The greenhouse also financially supports a family of 14 people.

The church and MFC function as a central place in the region where the poor, elderly and lonely can get food, warmth and support. These buildings will be used by the church for several social activities including children’s work, meal distribution and church services.

buildings constructed

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