Dairy farm

in Asia & Completed
Christians in the Middle East are often treated as second-class citizens. We started a vocational training school for Middle Eastern Christian refugees to provide them with the tools needed to add value to their home country when they return. At this school we equip them with skills and knowledge to start their own enterprises. We train them in dairy farming, livestock keeping, crop production, and orchard farming. During their training, they also study the Bible from Genesis to Revelation to build a strong basis for their faith and to equip them to face the challenging social pressures and persecution back home.
A dairy farm was established that currently produces milk.  The farm is fully self-sufficient. Feed for the livestock is produced in our own fields and the stable manure is brought back as fertilizer. Through this holistic approach, the students learn everything related to both crop production and livestock management.
The farm is managed as a separate commercial enterprise to generate as much profit as possible, and profits are reinvested to keep the farm and Bible school running with limited need for outside assistance. Each year, over 20 students graduate and many projects have been initiated by former students to impact their local communities.

liters of milk weekly

graduates annually

Bi-vocational training: Biblical and agricultural training

Local cheese production