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This company is birthed out of the Dare 2 Care project in the Novovolynsk region of Western Ukraine. This region has to deal with poverty and suffers from many problems related to alcohol and drug addiction. For the Dare 2 Care project, a number of small businesses have been built in collaboration with EO Metterdaad to financially support a church and rehabilitation centers in the region.

We support the construction company with advice and good equipment. People rehabilitating from addiction can get started with these resources. By doing meaningful work and developing themselves, they seize their opportunity to re-enter society. The company’s revenues also support the work of the rehabilitation center.

The company gives people with an addiction background a chance to build a better life. This is also the case with Georgii: In 1995 I was imprisoned for 3 years for being a hooligan. In the prison I got 9 years more for defying the administration. In 2008 I was imprisoned again for 6 years for a cut off a dude while I was drunk. He stayed alive, praise God and I appear Povlograd rehabilitation center. I thought I’d cross over but there I realized that God exists. And He’s alive. I was addicted to drugs
In the rehab center I received freedom from addiction. I started working and helped with construction. I acquired construction skills. Now I help other guys get out of drug or alcohol addiction
We work together on sites. Thank you for entrusting us with new equipment. Every day I try to overcome my old nature
I want to live a healthy life and bring benefit and joy to others.

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