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This company is birthed out of the Dare 2 Care project in the Novovolynsk region of Western Ukraine. This region has to deal with poverty and suffers from many problems related to alcohol and drug addiction. For the Dare 2 Care project, a number of small businesses have been built in collaboration with EO Metterdaad to financially support a church and rehabilitation centers in the region.

We support the cleaning company with advice and good equipment. People rehabilitating from addiction can get started with these resources. By doing meaningful work and developing themselves, they seize their opportunity to re-enter society. The company’s revenues also support the work of the rehabilitation center.

The company gives people with an addiction background a chance to build a better life. Like Maria: My name is Maria I am 19 years old Due to difficult life circumstances, she ended up with her 3-month-old daughter at a rehabilitation center in the city of Korosten. I suffered from domestic violence from the age of 16, I started using drugs, my life seemed like a complete nightmare. I did not see a way out because my mother lived in almost the same conditions and could not help me in any way. Thank God, He brought me to the center where I was surrounded by love. I learned that my life could be different and grabbed this opportunity. Currently, I am studying a lot, trying to catch up on lost time and become a professional in my field. I was given the opportunity to develop right at the center, and that makes me very happy. I help people and develop myself. Now we are engaged in cleaning, and since I completed a full course of rehabilitation, I was accepted into the team. We are given many classes and master classes so that we can constantly develop and do our work well.

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