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Africa is undergoing rapid urbanisation in many regions, a process which brings with it many challenges in terms of sustainability. A growing contingent of young African professionals are rejecting agriculture as a viable and profitable career choice, while foreign companies are taking over the sector in some areas. Though significant challenges are faced by agricultural businesses in Africa, such as immense transport distances resulting in high losses and poor food quality, they can be mitigated by careful planning and an innovative approach.
This project aims to create agricultural production close to the city while sparking interest in young professionals. Translating the latest developments in aquaculture, hydroponics, and aquaponics have helped us design a system that is cost-effective for local entrepreneurs by decreasing transport distances and increasing plant density.
The farm is run by an enthusiastic team of young graduates from agricultural programs in the capital and has significantly increased local interest in urban farming. Multiple TV stations have run positive stories on the farm, where fresh vegetables are grown and tilapia are cultivated. We have created internship opportunities and hope to expand the farm with local backyard systems in the future. The freshness and quality of our products is unparalleled in the region and they are currently sold in several high-end supermarkets.

m2 of high-tech urban vegetable growing

hectares of different production systems

people directly employed


Engaging young professionals in agricultural entrepreneurship.