1 ha orchards

in Asia & Ongoing
Many Central Asian countries had to face economic deterioration and rapid inflation after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Particularly in rural areas, these countries are experiencing a great deal of unemployment and there is little hope of improvement. In rural areas people often live on around 50 euros per month per family. There are almost no jobs and the rural population depends on their own entrepreneurship to make ends meet, which presents the necessary challenges.
This project has a specific focus on supporting local churches in agricultural communities in Central Asia. Together with Kom Over en Help and a local partner organization, Worldpartners sets up small fruit orchards of 1 hectare as a source of income for these churches. These orchards are supplied with young trees, equipment and irrigation systems. Additionally, church members are trained in fruit cultivation. After establishment of the orchard, the local partner organization continues to provide the churches with technical advice and general training. The requested investment will be used as a revolving fund. This means that the church leaders use the profit from the orchard to pay back the investment in equipment. With the repayment, new orchards can then be established. Since the start of the project, three orchards have been established producing lemons, almonds, cherries, peaches and apples. In consultation with one of the local churches, one orchard was extended to 3 hectares.
This project focuses on providing our clients with the means to build a sustainable business in the growing of fruits. The building of this business will provide them with a stable and ongoing income. The impact on the local community will arouse interest and questions of how they accomplished this, which will positively influence people’s lives. Also, it will be a reflection on the integrity of our company.

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