On his first day at work, Nikita fled the war


February 24, 2022 was Nikita’s first official day at work. At least, that was the intention. Things turned out very differently because Russia invaded Ukraine. Together with his family, he left his hometown as quickly as possible to escape the occupier. He lived in the countryside with his young family for a few months, but a city boy in the countryside was not a perfect match. He was happy when he received a call through Worldpartners-partner TCI to work for them. It was an answer at his prayer. Because ‘workless’ waiting for the war in the countryside did not fit.

His second daughter was born six weeks ago, not in his hometown of Kherson in eastern Ukraine, but on the other side of the country in western Ukraine, in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. The 22-year-old is happy with his job as a logistics manager to take care for the humanitarian transports. It gives him satisfaction, because he is meaningful to his compatriots. At the same time, the conditions are tough, difficult and challenging. In the ‘little’, the birth of their second daughter, the forced moves and living together with others in one apartment. In the ‘large’, the futility and hopelessness of the war that injured or killed thousands, especially young men.

Since May he has been working for TCI as a logistics coordinator. He ensures that tons of food and seeds get to the right place. But also window foil, tents and wheelbarrows that came with the last load from the Netherlands. He recently visited his hometown of Kherson and met his father after a long time. It was an emotional reunion. He saw with his eyes much devastation and his heart wept. Everything is twice as expensive as in the relatively safe west of the country. The visit motivated him even more to dedicate himself to the stricken compatriots who have stayed behind and are in difficult circumstances.

Worldpartners appreciates Nikita’s efforts and vice versa. Together we help to change circumstances for the better amidst the consequences of war. Therefore, keep donating for the affected population.