Major food campaign helps villagers in providence


The new Worldpartners project is called ‘Aid 2 Villages’ and started in April 2022. Packages are assembled from four distribution centers in Dubno, Mykolayiv, Kyiv and Zaporizhia to be distributed to people in the villages where the need is great. There is often less attention for the villages, but help is desperately needed there too. This project was realized with money from the Dutch organizations ‘Giro555’ and ‘Kerk in Actie’. In three months’ time, some 17,500 households will be provided with a package, with more than 60,000 Ukrainians receiving aid.

Packages of approximately 100 kg are assembled from the four distribution centers to be distributed to the population. In the villages, the residents often have a vegetable garden. That is why efforts are currently being made to distribute seed potatoes and seeds, so that villagers are self-sufficient and start growing their own food. Food such as potatoes, pasta, vegetables and preserves are also added to the packages. In this way the residents have sufficient food for the short and the long term.