Renovating Kherson


The flooding of the Kachovka dam damaged 4000+ houses in Kherson. Help restore this region!

Donate building materials

The reconstruction project starts with renovation of 12 homes. We focus on sanitary facilities, the kitchen and living room. Estimated costs per house: €10,000.

€40 for a trip to ‘Home Depot’

Pay for a construction worker

Reconstruction and renovation work is carried out locally. Will you help by supporting a builder?

The labor for 1 house costs €1600

Updates from Ukraine

This work stays important and has to continue

This work stays important and has to continue

Cokky de Visser retired in 2022. Since then, she spends her time for Ukraine. “When the war started, the Reformed diaconate of Kootwijk and Kootwijkerbroek wanted to start a work group. This suited me because I have no obligations during the day and want to be of...

“Our potato yield will be excellent.”

“Our potato yield will be excellent.”

Farmer Ivan Ivanovich peers into the distance, where black smoke curls up. "Do you see that? That's an impact. Something is on fire.” Nevertheless, the farmer continues undisturbed with the tour of his lands, which he gives driving his car. “These are my strawberries....

Food Aid, seed potatoes and reconstruction in Ukraine

What is the situation?

The war in Ukraine mainly rages in the south and east of the country. This causes the supply of food to falter. The Ukrainian armed forces have recaptured much of the territory in the east. This allows us to help the recaptured areas by bringing food and seeds and get food production going again.

There is a lot of damage to houses in the  Kherson region. This was caused by the flood when the Kachovka dam flooded. Renovation is needed here.

How did Worldpartners help in 2022?

It is relatively quiet in the west of Ukraine. In this region.  Worldpartners has good contact with a number of local suppliers of food products. With our network we distribute food, seed potatoes, consumption potatoes, onions, sugar and vegetable seeds.

From April to August 2022, Worldpartners distributed more than 1.5 million kilos of goods. A large part of these were seeds to give Ukrainians the opportunity to grow their own food. With a careful calculation we could assume that the total harvest from these seeds amounts to an additional 5.7 million kilos of food.

How many seeds were distributed in 2023?

In the spring of 2023, we distributed more than 500.000 kg of seed potatoes, seeds and consumption potatoes to 50 farmers and 20,000 households. In this way they can grow their own food this year.

We delivered the aid in large quantities to our local partners spread across different parts of Ukraine. These partners, divided the food and seeds into smaller packages and distributed them in affected villages and towns.

We work together with local distribution teams. These are brave Ukrainians whom we know through our large network. They drive, sometimes at the risk of their own lives, to places where there is great need.

How does Worldpartners assist in Kherson?

The flooding of the Kachovka dam has caused a lot of damage in Kherson. It is estimated that 4,000+ houses have been damaged, of which 1,300 are beyond repair.

To work on the reconstruction of the region, worldpartners is committed to renovation. The project starts with 12 houses that are being renovated. We focus on electricity, water supply, kitchen and bathroom. Costs per house are around €10,000. The work is carried out locally.

What can you do?

You could pray that our help reaches the places where it is needed most. Pray for safety of our distributors. You could also share about this project with others or make a  donation.

Since March 1st 2022, Worldpartners has shipped many tons of food and seeds to the people of Ukraine

Tons of sugar & salt

Tons of non-perishable goods

Tons of potatoes

Tons of flour

Tons of vegetables

Tons of Seeds