Winter aid Ukraine

We can visit former occupied territories again. Worldpartners supports the Ukrainian population in the cities and towns in this region. Help and give packages of hope!

Give a food package

In total, a package contains 40 kilos of locally sourced food; including: 12 kg of potatoes, 10 kg of flour, 4 kg of sugar, 3 kg of meat, 1 litre of oil and 10 kg of non-perishable vegetables such as onions, carrots, beetroot and cabbage.

€50 / Package

Give a heating package

We have purchased heaters locally which people can use to heat their houses. This is desperately needed now that temperatures are going down. Next to this, we will restore houses with broken windows and roofs using durable laminated plastic, so homes are windproof and isolated for coming winter.

€150 / Package

  • 1200 packages 100% 100%

Updates from Ukraine

Aleks is ‘managing’ the aid work

Aleks is ‘managing’ the aid work

How is Aleks doing? The man who published billboards with Bible verses when the war started? We called him and asked how he and the projects are doing. Thanks God, me and my family are doing well. I am happy with the opportunity I have to help people through my work....

On his first day at work, Nikita fled the war

On his first day at work, Nikita fled the war

February 24, 2022 was Nikita's first official day at work. At least, that was the intention. Things turned out very differently because Russia invaded Ukraine. Together with his family, he left his hometown as quickly as possible to escape the occupier. He lived in...

Worldpartners is sending generators to ukraine

Worldpartners is sending generators to ukraine

In Western Ukraine, the electricity supply is often an unstable factor due to the Russian attacks. Worldpartners receives many requests for small and large aggregates, which is why the foundation sends aggregates to Ukraine. They can't do that alone. Help is...

Food Aid & Seed Goods in Ukraine

What is the situation?

The war in Ukraine mainly rages in the south and east of the country. This causes the supply of food to falter. The Ukrainian armed forces have recaptured much of the territory in the east. As a result, we can help the recaptured areas by bringing food there as well.

How does the Worldpartners Foundation help?

It is relatively quiet in the west of Ukraine. It is precisely in this region that the Worldpartners Foundation has a farm and we work together with a number of farmers and local suppliers of food products. Through the distribution network which we built up in the recent activities, we distribute foodstuffs throughout entire Ukraine, such as potatoes, flour, pork, sugar and other products.

In the period April to August 2022, the Worldpartners Foundation was able to distribute more than 1.5 million kilos of goods. A large part of these were seeds, which enabled Ukrainians to grow their own food. Using a careful calculation, we could assume that the total harvest from these seeds amounts to another 5.7 million kilos of food (see Infographic seed multiplication Ukraine Project ‘Aid 2 Villages’)!

How does the food distribution work?

Worldpartners transports the foodstuffs in large numbers to our local partners spread over different parts of Ukraine. From these partners, the food is divided into smaller packages and distributed to beneficiaries in affected villages and towns. We also finance food transports to the center and south of Ukraine. These people from the Worldpartners network transport the goods further by car to the places where the food is badly needed.

Who are the distributors?

At the moment, only the Ukrainians themselves are able to distribute food within the country. Thanks to our large network, we have managed to mobilize dozens of Ukrainians to go out for us . For example our friend Pasya. Together with his friends, he drives at the risk of his own life to places where the need is great.

What can you do?

We need large sums of money to buy food from farmers and other suppliers. Please help us pay for this through your donation.

Since March 1st, Worldpartners has shipped many tons of food and seeds to the people of Ukraine

Tons of sugar & salt

Tons of non-perishable goods

Tons of potatoes

Tons of flour

Tons of vegetables

Tons of Seeds