Help Ukraine

Worldpartners is currently actively involved in two different ways of supplying humanitarian aid and food provisioning to support the people and refugees of Ukraine.

Updates from Ukraine

Ukrainian Bible School continues

Ukrainian Bible School continues

What do you do when your Bible school is occupied by the Russians? If they use it as barracks, but also as a crematorium for their own soldiers? It's unreal, but it happens. The school building is occupied, but the study continues with a new batch of theology students...

Tiny houses replace destroyed houses in Irpin

Tiny houses replace destroyed houses in Irpin

In 200 days of war, more than 80,000 Ukrainian homes have been destroyed. In the spring, the city of Irpin was bombed and distroyed. There were a lot of shooting in two months time. More than 3,200 shelters in the city were damaged, with 1,483 private homes completely...

Food distribution from Western Ukraine to the interior

The Worldpartners Foundation distributes food from various farms in western Ukraine to a number of places in Ukraine where the need is great. For example, towards the metropolis of Kyiv.

A truckdriver in western Ukraine

What is the situation?

The war in Ukraine is mainly taking place around Kyiv and in the south and east of the country. This causes a shortage in food supply in these areas. Already, we see images of long lines of people trying to buy some food.

How does the Worldpartners Foundation help?

Western Ukraine is (still) relatively quiet. In this region, the Worldpartners Foundation has a farm and a large network of nearby farmers. From these farms we distribute all kinds of foodstuffs, such as potatoes, pork, sugar, milk and other products.

How does the food distribution work?

People from other parts of Ukraine come to these farms to collect food and distribute it themselves. In addition, we finance food transport to the center and south of Ukraine. These people from our network transport the goods further by car to the places where food is needed most.

Who are the distributors?

At the moment, only the Ukrainians themselves are able to distribute food within the country. Thanks to our large network, we have managed to mobilize dozens of Ukrainians to go out for us . For example our friend Pasya. Together with his friends, he drives at the risk of his own life to places where the need is great.

What can you do?

We need large sums of money to buy food from the farmers for the refugees. Please help us pay for this through your donation.

Emergency aid at the Ukrainian-Moldovan border

The Worldpartners foundation supports thousands of refugees with food aid at the border crossing from Ukraine to Moldova. We do this together with the Operatie Mobilisatie Foundation, as well as with other organizations, churches, and hundreds of volunteers from the region.

Map Help WP in Ukraine

Infographic distribution – May 13, 2022

What is the situation?

There is fierce fighting in the south of Ukraine. The Russian army is moving from Crimea with a large army to cities such as Kherson and Odessa. Thousands of inhabitants of this region are being displaced. They are often on the road for days and arrive hungry and hypothermic at the border with Moldova. Right now, it is very cold and snowing, which makes the situation for these refugees even more difficult.

How does the Worldpartners Foundation help?

We have been active in Moldova and Ukraine for decades, working together with a large number of businesses. Thanks to this network, we were able to set up a post in a short time at Palanca, Moldova. At this crossing, 20,000 refugees arrive every day. With more than a hundred volunteers, we currently staff 6 soup kitchens, with which we can distribute 2000 meals a day.

What can you do?

The most pressing need for refugees is food. We buy food in large numbers at wholesalers in Moldova and Romania and transport it to the border. Please help us pay for this through your donation.

Since March 1st, Worldpartners has shipped many tons of food and seeds to the people of Ukraine

Tons of sugar & salt

Tons of non-perishable goods

Tons of potatoes

Tons of flour

Tons of vegetables

Tons of Seeds