Food distribution in the Donbas, bread to Mariupol


To accomplish the food distribution needed because of the war, World Partners acquires food on a large-scale basis in the Netherlands or directly from farmers in Western Ukraine and transports it to our local partner distribution center within Ukraine.

The central distribution point is managed by a Baptist church partner in the east side of the country near the city of Uman. The center has the capacity to receive daily trucks from central Ukraine.

Goods reloaded into smaller vehicles to spread in eastern Ukraine.

Every other day, World Partners sends a truck filled with flour to this distribution point. The fully loaded truck departs from the west taking a full day to get to the point and unload. The day after, it drives back to be refilled so that it can leave full again the following day.

Volunteers from the church divide these goods into small food parcels and load them into several vans and cars. The cars then leave for the east; Kharkiv, Mariupol and places in the Donbas, even to the areas that are most difficult to reach.