Emergency aid Ukraine: ‘From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your help’


Dear friends,

World Partners has been actively involved in projects in Ukraine for many years. Therefore, we perceived it as self-evident that it is our current mission to help the Ukrainian people in need. Past Monday morning, we quickly put together a plan, and the next day the first trucks filled with food were already headed to Kiev!

Thanks to your donations, this is what we have been able to accomplish in the previous week:

  • 125 tons of grain sent to the mill;
  • 100 tons of grain milled and as flour transported to Kiev, Dubno and Kharkov;
  • 10 tons of pork transported to Kiev, Dubno en Kharkov;
  • 20 tons of potatoes sent to Kiev;
  • 44 tons of potatoes to Kharkov by train;
  • 1 ton of sugar to Kiev

This is the status update as per Friday the 4th of March, the aid continues at full speed in the meantime.

What happens with all these goods?

The goods are being processed in several soup kitchens in the arrival cities, from where they provide the local people with food. Furthermore, volunteers prepare meals for hospitals, youngsters go out on the streets to distribute the food over left-behind elderly or mothers with disabled children.

How is the situation for the truckdrivers?

The drivers are naturally scared, but do not hesitate driving these trucks up and down the country since other guys are fighting for their country. Along the way they often have to deal with long detours, checkpoints and roadblocks, demanding the utmost from them and their flexibility.

We will continue!

The responses from the affected locals inspire and motivate our drivers and us to continue the supply of food and goods. From people in Dubno we received the following message: ‘From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your help!’.

We sincerely hope that you will keep supporting our work in Ukraine and share this cause with family and friends. To be able to continue, we need your support and donations!

Status deliverd goods in Ukraine