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This project builds upon the Dare 2 Care project in the Novovolynsk region in Western Ukraine. This region is poor and faces many problems related to alcohol and drug addiction. For the Dare 2 Care project, a number of small enterprises were constructed as financial support for a church and rehabilitation centers in the region in cooperation with EO Metterdaad.

The cooperation with EO Metterdaad continued with the Wallflower project, supporting a greenhouse in Bilychi. The greenhouse was equipped with heating fans, lighting and water tanks. This prolongs the growing seasons and improves revenues.

The newly equipped greenhouse allows a mother and father of 6 children and 6 orphans to provide for their family. This family will is an example of entrepreneurship and hard work in the region. Additionally, the greenhouse is a source of income and daytime activity for a nearby rehabilitation center in Blahodatne. 

people directly supported