Bohdan writes after mine explosion


Bohdan experienced a mine explosion while driving in a van. He wrote a letter to thank for the help.

Hello everybody,

My name is Bohdan, I am a volunteer of the Helping Hands Foundation, which provides help to the people in need at Donetsk province of Ukraine. I was born and live in the city of Kramatorsk. Since February 24, 2022, I have been actively participating in the evacuation of people from the Donbas war zone, as well as in helping people.  

War sounds in Bakhmut

I want to share with you about a situation that happened to me on January 25, 2023. In the morning, we left for the city of Bakhmut in order to set up stoves for the people. When we arrived in the city, there was artillery shelling, but not close, but somewhere in the distance. We continued with the installation of stoves. By the end of the day, we had installed all the stoves according to our plan and were going to go home to Kramatorsk.

We survived a mine explosion

There was a bridge across the river ahead of us on the road. The bridge was not a small distance. I noticed that there were three holes from mines in the ice of the river. My team and I looked at each other and started to cross this bridge, before we reached the middle of the bridge, a loud explosion rang out, the car shook, I realized that russians started shooting at us. I hit the gas and we went over the bridge. My left ear was stunned, but thank God I was not concussed, and when I reached Kramatorsk I began to hear again. As it turned out, it was a mine, it did not hit the car and fell few meters from the van, but the debris reached the van and damaged it. Thank God that no one from the crew was injured. Only our vehicle was affected. 

Bohdan says thank you

I want to thank the people who donated a new Citroen Jumper to my team. Now we actively use this car to help people, deliver humanitarian aid, and very soon we will deliver seeds to people for the sowing season. We would like to thank to everyone who contributed their energy, money and time to this.  

May God bless and reward a hundredfold.