Aleks is ‘managing’ the aid work


How is Aleks doing? The man who published billboards with Bible verses when the war started? We called him and asked how he and the projects are doing.

Thanks God, me and my family are doing well. I am happy with the opportunity I have to help people through my work. It gives me great satisfaction and the word ‘ministry’ takes on a special meaning for me. With the team, and the support of Worldpartners we help a lot people. Work for which I am very grateful.

Stove as a blessing

The winter project with wood stoves, wood and food for the front families has just been completed. We’ve distributed more then 1,200 sets. Sometimes I wonder why these people stay and don’t leave, but many love their homeland, don’t know where else to go and believe that peace will come soon. Mostly they are people at the age of 60+ year. Because of frequent shelling, these people more or less live in their (stock) cellar. You can’t imagine how grateful they are when we came by with stoves, wood and food. It is special to be part of the team and to bless others.

Deep respect for aid workers

Bachmut is one of the places where Russians attacks heavily. The city, which has been on the front line for months, currently has no gas, running water, electricity or internet. It’s terrible what happened there. Our partner church supplied clean drinking water to the city through a water filter system, they bake and distribute bread, provide food and clothes. Even experiencing the risk to their lives they continue to do that. I therefore have great admiration and respect for the aid workers who continue to support the families there, putting their own lives at risk.

Warm churches

The power supply was and is critical because the Russians are bombing power and heating plants. Some churches have become a distribution point of bread, clean drinking water or so called ‘warming points’. We supported this via the project with providing generators to different churches and a rehabilitation center in Kyiv province. Warm places have been created in various churches where people can have a cup of tea or coffee, play a game, charge their gadgets and work because there is continuous power. Also we provided large generators: 160kVa to the water supply company, which has the population around 30,000 inhabitants, but the city has now doubled in size because many Eastern Ukrainians have also been added; and and 240kVa to the central hospital at another city.

Distribute seeds

Now that spring is coming, we want to distribute seeds and seed potatoes again, just like last year. We want to reach 20,000 people who live close to the frontline.

Preaching Gospel through supporting people

We have been taught that we need to go and make disciples. Many christians have stereotype that this should be done through the Sundays’ preaching. However when you look at Jesus, the people walked with him, he challenged them, shared the meal with them. They all learned without a classroom. It encourages me that the gospel continues even though the schools are closed because of the war. Despite the misery, His work and His plan continue with us, if you are aid worker or receiver.

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