About Worldpartners

Since 1995, we have consulted and supported local entrepreneurs and improved living conditions in many regions of the world. We do this through Business As Mission (BAM).

Our vision: Business As Mission

Empowering local entrepreneurs

Providing turnkey business concepts

Sending out professionals

Our expertise: Agribusiness

Value chain expansion

Irrigation development

Fruit and vegetable production

Livestock and poultry farming

Post-harvest processing

Our impact

Spiritual impact

We work from a Christian worldview. We believe in a God of love and want to contribute in countries where our assistance may be relevant. In every project it is important to us to look at how we can share this love through the company and help people develop spiritually.

Economic impact

Worldpartners helps with setting up and maintaining businesses. A successful business provides many economic opportunities for the region: income comes to the region, jobs are created and the expanding technical knowledge offers many opportunities for future enterprises.

Social impact

We believe it is important that entrepreneurs are socially involved. We encourage entrepreneurs with whom we collaborate to put this into practice. They can express social involvement in two ways: through management that respects people and the environment, and by using company profits to support social projects.

Our boards

Worldpartners is managed by both a Dutch and American board. These boards consist of the following members:

Board NL

Klaas Evers (President)
Peter Frans de Jong (Treasurer)
Tim Hulsbergen (Secretary)

Board USA

Richard Swanson
Gene Short
Gary Venable
Hans Hamoen

Board members receive no remuneration, directly or indirectly, for their work for the foundation. They are entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them in the performance of their duties. These fees are made visible and further explained in the annual accounts.

Annual results

Our annual results and financial reports are presented within the Annual Report. View our reports from the previous years (in Dutch):

Documents from earlier years are available upon request.

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