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Worldpartners sees in business the potential for mission work with an abiding, positive influence on communities worldwide.

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Being in the right place to share His love and consolation

Being in the right place to share His love and consolation

When war broke out in Ukraine, 24-year-old Arthur resigned the US digital security company where he worked, and traveled to Kyiv to serve his homeland. In this way he can assist family and friends and he makes a positive contribution against the injustice that takes...

Tons of food brought to Ukraine

Help us provide food for the Ukrainian people!

The most pressing need for Ukrainians is food. Both for refugees and inhabitants of Kiev. The Worldpartners Foundation is able to transport large quantities of food in the short run to distribution points near Kiev and the border with Moldavia. Every hour, more and more Ukrainians arive here in desperate need of food.

 Because of our ownership of a farm in the – relatively peaceful – west of Ukraine, as well as contacts with other farms, we are able to  transport tons of food directly to areas in need. Now is the time to act! The western roads are still accessible, but this might change in a matter of days. In order to buy food and send the trucks, we need your donation. 

More information can be found on the page Help Ukraine on this website.

Or donate directly to our accounts: account: 2600060806, ABA: 211372404, in name of the World Partners Foundation

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1 ha orchards

1 ha orchards

Many Central Asian countries had to face economic deterioration and rapid inflation after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Particularly in rural areas, these countries are...



This project builds upon the Dare 2 Care project in the Novovolynsk region in Western Ukraine. This region is poor and faces many problems related to alcohol and drug addiction. For...

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